Mission Statement

Mission Statement & How This Site Differs From Other Cyberbullying Sites

Mission Statement

Dr. Walker’s passion is to help today’s teens take full advantage of emerging technologies in a safe, responsible and respectful manner. She encourages adult stakeholders, including researchers, educators and parents, to seek solutions which do not merely “shut down” access to teens, but which focus more on training in socially  mature uses of the technologies. She is very sympathetic to the difficult circumstances that today’s educators face, including limited budgets, reduced staffing, ever-stronger public mandates and demands, threats of legal liability and exploding new issues among teens. Within that milieu, however, she seeks to foment and encourage creative educational approaches, including intergenerational and reciprocal learning between teens and adults, listening to teens’ voices, peer-to-peer solutions, and recognition of social maturity goals as equally worthy measures of success to academic ones.

Over the last few years, in her search for how to be most useful in her field of expertise, Dr. Walker has conducted many interviews with professors, researchers, educators, lawyers, parents and teens.  The idea for her blog arose from the growing need expressed in the interviews for all to be constantly kept current in the fast moving, ever-developing area of cyberbullying.  With increasing demands on their time and resources, adult stakeholders in particular are finding that they are not able to keep abreast of the cyberbullying field.  Dr. Walker’s website filters and summarizes this explosion of information regarding research, methods, conferences and events, both nationally and internationally, at a time when busy stakeholders most need to stay up-to-date on “What in the World’s Going on in Cyberbullying?

How This Site Differs from Other Cyberbullying Sites.

We are trying not to duplicate the many other great cyberbullying sites.  Indeed, coming soon, we will review the other sites available, one by one, as well as give you profiles on the leaders in cyberbullying research worldwide.  Instead, because there is so much good information and so much happening so fast, educators, researchers and policy makers are telling us that it is becoming a challenge to stay current, particularly with their busy schedules and limited resources (arent you just shocked that every educator and researcher doesnt have an assistant to check the whole world every morning for all current news on cyberbullying?!).  So here goes were going to try to do a lot of that for you. We may occasionally miss a few things so we welcome your emails to info(at)cyberbullyingnews.com on news you think we should include. Our goal in the postings of information on this site are:

(i) to keep it current;

(ii) to keep it global (yes Johnny, Colombia does have cyberbullying laws!)

(iii) to keep it short so you can scan quickly, but then direct you where you can find more;

(iv) to give you Our Editorial opinion of whats really quality, so that: (a) with your limited time, you can identify the must-read, priority materials, and (b) cut to the quick and identify key issues and implications (i.e., why is this item important or unique and worth your time to look at further?)

Sum: Save time, stay connected, keep current:  check here to make sure youre current, and to find out where to go for more in depth information.

Organization and Purpose of Each Subsection on the Site:

Current News: Keeps you up to date on breaking news relating to cyberbullying.

Events and Conferences: Informs you about key events and conferences taking place around the world as soon as they are publicly announced so that you can make plans to participate or watch for materials and results.

International Perspective: Brings together news, research and information from around the world to give a broader and richer perspective on solutions and thinking.

Interviews with Experts: Both written, audio and video interviews with key leaders across disciplines relating to cyberbullying. Part of this page will inlude a whos who of cyberbullying, including professors, authors, researchers and policy makers.

Latest Research: Features primarily peer-reviewed scholarly research, new data, polling and other analysis relating to cyberbullying.

Legislation and the Legal World: Keeps tabs on bills in progress as well as new legislation, court cases, and legal standards and proceedings around the globe.

Out of the Mouth of Teens: Youth voices are critically important in understanding cyberbullying, digital safety, teen uses of technology and possible solutions to challenges.

Reviews: Video, Books, Websites, Curricula.   This section reviews both seminal materials in the field as well as the latest new additions, including not only books, but video clips, websites and curricula.